Partners for Counselling and Psychotherapy
A partnership of fourteen organisations from across the counselling and psychotherapy profession with a shared purpose: To hold open a space to protect counselling and psychotherapy from restrictive standardisation and homogenisation, supporting the wide range of good practice in the field.

AGIP – Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy
A training organisation established for over 30 years, based in Archway, North London. Offers a UKCP recognised training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, a psychotherapy service, consultations, assessments and referrals for ongoing Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex
Internationally-recognised leader in the field of psychoanalytic studies. The Centre brings together clinical and academic interests in the role of the unconscious mind in mental health, culture and society. Offer a range of undergraduate and masters courses and research opportunities in both psychoanalytic and Jungian thought, refugee care, organisational dynamics, community, education and social care.

Centre for Psychoanalysis, Middlesex University
One of the first universities in the United Kingdom to have enabled and fostered the teaching of psychoanalysis at graduate level, offering a taught MA degree and the opportunity to register for a research degrees (MPhil and PhD) since 1990. The Centre facilitates individual and collaborative research into psychoanalysis. Facebook page

CFAR – Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research 
Founded in 1985 with the aim of promoting and developing psychoanalysis in the United Kingdom from within a Freudian and Lacanian perspective. The work of the Centre involves the study of psychoanalysis through teaching, seminars and study groups and it trains psychoanalysts within the context of its clinical training programme. The Centre has a public seminar programme where central issues in psychoanalysis and allied fields are discussed. It welcomes people not registered on its Training Programme to attend these meetings. jcfarjournal of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research.

Discourse Unit, Manchester
A trans-institutional collaborative centre which supports a variety of qualitative and theoretical research projects contributing to the development of radical theory and practice. The term ‘discourse’ is used primarily in critical hermeneutic and structuralist senses to include inquiries influenced by feminism and psychoanalysis. The centre functions: (i) as a teaching resource base for qualitative and feminist work; (ii) as a support unit for the (re)production of radical academic theory; (iii) as a networking centre for the development of critical perspectives in action research.