The College of Psychoanalysts is a professional body for psychoanalytic practitioners in the United Kingdom. We operate alongside the other institutional bodies that claim to speak for psychoanalysis, insisting upon the diversity of practice that developed with and since Freud.

The College administers and publishes a voluntary Directory of Practitioners of Psychoanalysis. All practitioners in the Directory have completed a psychoanalytic training (or the equivalent thereof) which is recognised by The College. Any person wishing to enter into psychoanalysis with a practitioner in the Directory will know that this person is properly qualified and is subject to a Code of Professional Conduct which provides stringent safeguards and protection for members of the public.

The College is run and administered by its Officers (the President, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer) and a Board of six Governors.

Membership of The College is open to all practitioners who meet the criteria for membership of The College as set out in the Who Is Eligible section of this website.

The College also operates as a learned society founded with the principal aim of advancing the discipline of psychoanalysis and encouraging discussion amongst psychoanalytic practitioners from all schools of psychoanalysis.

We promote debate between the practitioners listed as members on this website, and with psychoanalysts who are registered with other professional bodies. We aim to facilitate access to treatment and a greater awareness of psychoanalytic ideas in contemporary culture. To this end we have provided funding to the Freud Museum in London for the production of four brief videos about psychoanalysis: the first addresses the question ‘Is it weird?’; the second is about ‘Sexuality’; the third is about ‘The Oedipus Complex’ and the fourth is about ‘The Ego, the Id and the Superego’. To watch all four videos, please visit our webpage What Is Psychoanalysis and What Is It For?

Members of the Board of Governors


President: Dr Berjanet Jazani
Honorary Secretary: Annabel Hollick
Honorary Treasurer: Gwion Jones


Denis Echard             Vera Warchavchik
Jan May                    Dr Andrew Hodgkiss
Nicholas Bayley     Julia Borossa