Brazil: Psychoanalysis in the Shadow of Dictatorship

Saturday January 19th 2019

Rafael Alves Lima will speak about ‘Challenges for psychoanalysis in the face of the current political situation in Brazil’ describing the grave situation that led Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency of the country and the real threats that psychoanalysis in Brazil will inevitably have to deal with. This meeting on Saturday 19 January, 11.00am to 2.00pm is at the Guild of Psychotherapists, 47 Nelson Square, London, SE1 0QA, is organised by the College of Psychoanalysts – UK. Rafael Alves Lima is a psychoanalyst and member of the Laboratory of Social Theory, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis (LATESFIP-USP), member of the Clinical Network of Jacques Lacan Laboratory (IP-USP), member of the Margens Clínicas collective which offers psychoanalytic assistance to victims of State violence, and former member of the Testimonial Clinics project, with the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Government (Brazil). He is visiting the UK for three months from the University of São Paulo, where he investigates the history of psychoanalysis during the Brazilian military dictatorship. (This is one of a number of initiatives we are taking to support our colleagues in Brazil.)