The Guild of Psychotherapists
Professional and training organisation run by, and for, psychoanalytic psychotherapists. Founded in 1974 by a group of practitioners from Freudian, Jungian and Phenomenological backgrounds. Their aim was to establish a pluralistic professional body to foster independence of thought, a spirit of inquiry, and freedom to develop creatively for the benefit of the profession and the public seeking psychological help. Offers psychoanalytic psychotherapy through its members and its low-fee clinic. Runs training courses in both psychoanalytic psychotherapy and supervision.

The Arbours Association 
Internationally renowned registered charity with 40 years experience providing psychotherapeutic support for individuals with serious emotional problems.  Provides innovative residential and individual psychotherapy (including a low fee referral scheme) and psychoanalytic training. Training seminars, events and initial psychotherapy consultations are primarily conducted at its central office is in Hornsey, North London. Its therapeutic communities are based in ordinary residential premises in Willesden Green, Hornsey and Muswell Hill.

The Philadelphia Association
Founded in 1965 by RD Laing and others to challenge accepted ways of understanding and treating mental and emotional suffering. This continues to be its aim. It does this through community households where people with serious emotional difficulties can live with others for substantial periods of time and try to make sense of their difficulties and live more productive lives; psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups (including low cost therapy for those on low incomes); psychotherapy training programme which encourages critical thinking and open mindedness.

The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis
Training organisation and a member of the psychoanalytic and psychodynamic section of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). Established in October 1997 by psychotherapists from diverse psychoanalytic organisations who wished to create a training programme and an association that would foster critical, reflective and imaginative thinking about psychoanalysis and its contemporary practices. Offers a psychotherapy service and training in London and Cornwall. Sitegeist – A Journal of Psychoanalysis and Philosophy