A psychoanalyst is a practitioner of psychoanalysis.

Although all practitioners of psychoanalysis are fully entitled to do so, not all of them use the professional title psychoanalyst. There are several different professional titles which describe such practitioners. Use of a particular professional title may depend upon the position, within the wide range of psychoanalytic schools and traditions, occupied by the practitioner in question.

Professional titles used by psychoanalytic practitioners include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: Psychoanalyst; Psycho-analyst; Analyst; Lacanian Analyst; Jungian Analyst; Analytical Psychologist; Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist; Analytical Psychotherapist.

In order to be on the Register of The College, all practitioners, whichever professional title they may use, must have undergone a recognised training in psychoanalysis, the minimum requirements for which are set out in the section Who Is Qualified to Practise Psychoanalysis on this website which can also be accessed from the main menu.