The Italian Connection Part 2

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So, with regard to intolerant people, of course they must be tolerated. But intolerance itself must not, because, otherwise, we would find ourselves precisely in that situation that you rightly describe as State psychotherapy – a danger from which we are not rescued by using a magic word like ‘psychoanalysis’. And it is up to all of us not to get to this point. All of us who? Us analysts? If I were to trust this term, I would have to trust, also, people who have assumed diametrically opposite positions to the one that I believe should be that of a psychoanalyst. Can we, instead, trust the position of those who, stubbornly, continue to attempt the impossible, as you wrote (and, indeed, such stubbornness is not exclusive to analysts)? I have no problems with accepting a philosopher as a companion on my journey, nor would I refuse the companionship of anyone else. Therefore, I would not refuse, either, those who define themselves as psychotherapists. The fact is that the problem that Spaziozero is facing is not only a psychoanalytic one; it is also a complexly social and political one. If we were to forget this, we would completely miss our aim and Spaziozero would come to an end within a few weeks. What the hell, I am not tolerant and liberal because I am an analyst; I am an analyst because I am tolerant and liberal. I believe that those who were Maoists ahead of becoming analysts could not but conceive of psychoanalysis than in totalitarian terms – unless they underwent a complete metanoia, that is, a ‘conversion’, which, as the Greek word indicates, in reality is a total mutation of intellect. It is this mutation that we must produce with psychoanalysis and whatever other instruments that are at our disposal – it is precisely this effect, I think, that you call ‘reform of the intellect’. Each one of us has his own Maoism in its closet, as we would say of a skeleton. To become free of it – should one wish to do so – is not at all easy; but, unless one decides to do so, it is even totally impossible.
This is why, dear Antonello, I really do not think that I am ‘a restless shadow’ that wanders around the supporters of psychotherapy. First of all, because psychotherapy matters to me only as any other practice that is freely chosen by anyone (that is, for a reason of general principle, and nothing else. I would defend in the same way carpenters, or Artic explorers). Secondly, like everyone else, I am not a ghost but a flesh and blood guy.
Finally, I hope that the study-day in Padua will help us clarify some ideas in Spaziozero. This is why I think it would be better not to invite speakers, but, instead, really confront each other – even a little aggressively should it become necessary – about the crucial points, the formulation of which will enable our Movement to begin to truly exist (and not only on paper or computer).

In friendship,