Regulation: The Plot Thickens

The College was not the only body in the Regulation Reference Group to express reservations about these proposals. The AP-PP Section of UKCP in particular, also a membr of the Reference Group, had similar reservations. Furthermore, it is understood that BPC, also a member of the Reference Group (but not the Partnership Group) was not prepared to move away from the principle of regulation by HPC in favour of a body such as the proposed PPC.

Had The College been prepared to go along with what was being proposed by the Partnership Group, it would have been only on the basis of exploring the possibility of setting up a body such as the PPC but certainly not on the terms drafted by the Partnership Group. All aspects of the proposals must remain up for discussion, including the name itself of the proposed PPC.

Discussions within the Regulation Reference Group will continue and it is possible that this body will play an increasingly important role within the discussions for regulation of the psychological therapies by the state. The Partnership Group can now be in no doubt that there is, from some quarters, a degree of opposition to the principle of PPC, as well as wider opposition to the details of some of their proposals in the draft PPC document so far produced.