4. An appeal against the decision of the Panel shall be possible only under the following circumstances:

(1) It is alleged that the Panel has erred in Law.

(2) It is alleged that the Panel has failed to follow the procedures laid down in this Code.

(3) It is alleged that the Panel has erred in respect of its finding as to questions of fact relating to the complaint but only in circumstances where it can be established that new evidence is available concerning those facts which it would not have been possible to present in the initial proceedings before the Panel.

(4) A course of action imposed by the Panel against the Respondent is alleged to be unfair or inappropriate.

4. The BoG shall be empowered in its discretion to set up an ad hoc Appeal Panel to determine any appeal on its behalf provided that such Appeal Panel shall comprise not less than five senior members of The College with qualifications and experience which are deemed suitable for the purpose for which those persons are appointed to the Appeal Panel.

5. At the hearing of the appeal the Complainant and the Respondent may make oral or written representations in person or through their representative to the BoG or Appeal Panel in support of their appeal. The BoG or Appeal Panel shall review a summary of the evidence presented at the hearing before the Panel and such further evidence which had not been presented at that hearing and which the BoG or Appeal Panel in its sole discretion considers to be relevant to the appeal.

6. The BoG or Appeal Panel on its behalf may (a) allow the appeal and quash the decision or the disciplinary action taken by the Panel or (b) substitute for the disciplinary action imposed by the Panel some alternative course of action specified in paragraph 1 of this part of the Code.