The Healthcare Profession Council Gets Underway

October 2008

The Health Professions Council has now begun the task of exploring proposals for the regulation of counsellors and psychotherapists. They recently sent to stakeholders within the professions concerned, including The College, a Call for Ideas document to help them in their endeavour by answering ten specific questions. The College has now responded to that Call for Ideas. The document in question may be accessed by clicking on this link.

In addition, representatives of The College have now met with Marc Seale, the Chief Executive of HPC and Sam Mars, Policy Officer. To access the notes of meeting, please click here.

HPC is also expected to announce very soon the composition of the Professional Liaison Group that will be advising them on any proposals to regulate counsellors and psychotherapists. The PLG is referred to in the above meeting.

Letter from the College to Skills for Health
To access a letter written by The College to SfH, please click here.

Counsellors And Psychotherapists – Road Map To Their Statutory Regulation
To access the comments by The College of Psychoanalysts on the above document published by the Health Professions Council in December 2007, please click here.