Regulation Update 2012

There is a confusing phrase in 2.1 which seems overly totalitarian (italics/underline added).

2.1 Being accredited by the Professional Standards Authority will be seen as a mark of quality. We will seek to operate a scheme that becomes ‘mandatory through choice’, attracting people to it because it is seen to offer positive benefits and to deliver positive outcomes.

To be accepted onto a voluntary register the CHRE states in 2.4.

2.4. … that they (psychotherapy organisations) are removing people who are unsafe to practise and ensuring that all reasonably practicable steps are taken to restrict their future practise e.g. publishing removal, referrals to the Independent Safeguarding Authority and other relevant authorities; recognizing decisions by statutory regulators or other accredited register holders………that they are vigorously applying their standards of good practice including refusing entry to those who do not meet them, requiring and supporting continuous professional development, placing conditions on registration to limit practise that falls below the standards.

Also on the CHRE website (, the CHRE make clear that they will be setting up themselves (and those on their registers) to be more attractive to prospective employers and that they will be responsible for setting the standards of entry and striking people off their registers if organisations do not meet their criteria:

2.7 The registers of organisations that have been accredited by us will be known as assured (or approved) registers. Accreditation will provide additional assurance to employers, commissioners, patients and the public that standards are being applied robustly; and that they can reasonably expect health and social care professionals and workers on a quality assured register to be competent and to behave ethically and compassionately.

2.8 In summary we:

  • Will set accreditation criteria and may accredit a voluntary register where we are satisfied that the criteria are met
  • Must publish the accreditation criteria we set; and may publish a list of accredited registers.
  • May carry out periodic reviews of the operation of the registers accredited
  • May remove, or suspend, or impose conditions on, the accreditation of the register
  • May refuse to accredit a register, or to continue to accredit it unless the person who maintains the register pays a fee of such an amount as the Authority may determine
  • Before accrediting a register the Authority must make an assessment of the likely impact of doing so, and must consult such persons as it considers appropriate.