The four categories of application referred to above will be dealt with in accordance with the following principles:

1. UKCP/BPC Eligible
For the foreseeable future, all such applications will be dealt with under a prima facie assumption that such applicants have completed a training that meets the criteria for membership of The College. Should circumstances change, so that it would no longer be reasonable to make that assumption in relation to the training organisation concerned, the applicant will be required to produce such evidence of satisfactory training as may from time to time be required by MC.

2. Psychoanalytic training with a non UKCP/BPC organisation
This category of applicant may include those who have trained with non UKCP/BPC organisations from both the UK and from abroad.
Each applicant will be required to submit a statement concerning their training which fully addresses the membership criteria of The College referred to above, together with such supporting evidence as may from time to time be required by The College.

3. No formal training
Applications in this category will normally be entertained only from those who practise in the UK unless they practise abroad but are able to establish circumstances that demonstrate some clear link with the UK.
The onus will be on each such applicant to supply a full statement in support of their application, showing why MC should use its discretion to recommend membership of The College and such applicants must fully meet all requests for further information that may from time to time be required by MC.

4. Retired applicants
Each applicant will be required to submit a full statement establishing that, but for retirement, they would be eligible to apply for full membership, as well as establishing to the reasonable satisfaction of MC that they are currently retired from clinical practice and intend to remain so until such time as they formally notify The College otherwise, when they will no longer be eligible to have their names included in any Register of Retired Practitioners.

Code Of Professional Conduct