Introduction of a New Code of Professional Conduct and New Criteria for Admission to Membership

The College has brought into force a Code of Professional Conduct, as well as complaints procedures, which now apply to all its members.

The College continues to be committed to a pluralistic, inclusive and diverse understanding of psychoanalysis and seeks to recognise that diversity and the many developments that have taken place since Freud’s introduction of psychoanalysis at the end of the nineteenth century. The College broadly adheres to the criteria for recognition of this diversity which have, since its foundation, been published in the flag-statements set out on the College website. A more up-to-date statement of some of these criteria is now set out in a new flag-statement Who is Eligible to Apply which may be accessed from the main menu of this website.

The result of all of these changes is that members of The College are no longer obliged to retain their membership of an organisation which is a member of UKCP or of BPC. Practitioners who, for whatever reason, are not eligible for registration with either UKCP or BPC may now apply for membership of The College, provided they meet the criteria for membership. Those who are eligible but choose not to register with UKCP or BPC may also continue, as before, to apply for membership.

All applications for membership of The College will now be assessed by the Membership Committee. All assessments and recommendations will then be submitted to the Board of Governors whose decision in the matter will be final.