The College Response to Skills for Health’s Document

The College Response to Skills for Health’s Document ‘Psychological Therapies National Occupational Standard Development Project – Briefing Sheet May 2009’

The College was interested to see that there must have been a significant set of concerns put forward to SfH in response to their consultation, and that this briefing sheet was therefore produced in order to ‘address some of the misunderstandings’ associated with the project. We were very surprised, however, to read an account of the consultation process which bears little resemblance to our, and many others’, experience of it. Furthermore, the conflicting and misleading statements about the nature and purpose of the NOS contained in the Frequently Asked Questions update sheet means that any aim of clarification or of reassurance has not been met by this document. The reasons for our views are set out in our response to the briefing. The following links give access to both documents.

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