The College is Admitted to Membership of the European Association for Psychotherapy

November 2004

In November 2004, The European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) admitted The College to full organisational membership.

EAP is the body which represents all modalities of psychotherapy at the European Commission. Membership of this organisation will enable The College to send delegates to the AGM of EAP and to take part in the on-going committee work there. Some of the work, like the current setting up of a European Wide Organisation (EWO) for the psychoanalytic modality, is of particular interest to The College.

Membership of EAP is an important development for The College, in the light of the decision taken by the EU on 11th. February 2004 to issue a European directive for psychotherapy (see article by Haya Oakley in Papers for Publication And Discussion on this website).

EAP is a complex organisation and The College is fortunate to count among its members some who are familiar with its structure and procedures. This should enable The College to become an active member.

The College now looks forward to extending our discourse to European colleagues. Members of The College will be kept informed of future developments in Europe which might affect them or the discipline of psychoanalysis.