The British Psychoanalytical Society Withdraws

October 2004

Following publication of the disclaimer concerning BPAS on this website in August 2004, BPAS made some cosmetic changes to the unacceptable references to The College, which then appeared on their website. These went some way towards dealing with some of the points raised against them. There remained, nevertheless, a number of serious statements which amounted to malicious falsehoods or were defamatory, by innuendo, of all individual practitioners who are members of The College. The College understands that a number of practitioners, who are members of The College, then wrote to BPAS, taking up these matters on a formal legal basis. Although, so far as The College is aware, none of these practitioners has so far received from BPAS any meaningful response to their letters, The College is nevertheless very pleased to record that BPAS have now removed from their website, in their entirety, all references to The College and its members.