Some Comments by Leading Members of the Profession Following the Foundation of the College

October 2003

The founding of The College drew criticism from certain organisations and support from others.

The following are examples of comments in support of The College made, in their personal capacity, by practitioners from different areas of the profession:

From a UKCP registrant and member of the UKCP Governing Board:
“The College is a profoudly useful and facilitative entity in the field”

From a prominent UKCP/BCP registrant: a psychoanlyst and senior member of BPAS:
“Congratulations on your initiative, you have certainly set off a storm, letters flying in all directions”

From a senior UKCP registrant:
“I wish you well in what seems to me to be an attempt to overcome the rifts developing between existing groups of professional organisations”

From a BCP registrant: a professor of psychoanalysis who is also a senior training analyst and member of BPAS:
“This seems a very brave enterprise, but anything to get factions who don’t communicate with each other to be more tolerant, seems a good idea”

These comments reflect what The College aspires to facilitate and promote.