Analytic Agora – Issue 1 (Paperback)


Issue 1 – Published March 2022
Paperback 204pgs

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The Analytic Agora is a peer-reviewed psychoanalytic journal, published annually, which aims at promoting awareness of psychoanalysis – as a placeholder – in social bonds, with the view to setting up an open but critical space for debates between different schools of psychoanalytic thought, outside the dogmatism of regulatory bodies and partisan training organisations.

Issue 1 Published March 2022

Paulo Beer, Cristiane Izumi Nakagawa, Danielle Teixeira Gimenes, Fabio Carezzato, Yuri Nishijima Azeredo

Listening to crisis and more: some issues with an emergency psychological service offered to marginalised social movements during the COVID-19 outbreak in Brazil
Daniel Bristow & Thomas Hobson
Avoidance and the plague: Interdisciplinary reflections
Anthea Benjamin
Location of disturbance: A group analyst perspective on BLM and impact of COVID-19 on the BAME community
Berjanet Jazani
The body in crisis: How can psychoanalysis respond to the pandemic?
David Pavón-Cuéllar
Twelve lessons from Freud-Marxism
Sabah Siddiqui
The new normal: from deprivation to dispossession in India
Ivan Ward
The psychological effect of racism
Carol Owens
Normal people in abnormal times: How a TV show rocked the Irish pandemic lockdown… and other fantasies