College of Psychoanalysis: An Important New Foundation for 2005

January 2005

The College of Psychoanalysts – UK is pleased to announce the foundation, on 5th. January 2005, of a new separate but affiliated institution: the COLLEGE OF PSYCHOANALYSIS which has been established in order to carry out new academic and research activities that are to remain separate from the professional activities of The College of Psychoanalysts.

In order to avoid any possible confusion between these two organisations, both of which contain the word college in their name, The College of Psychoanalysts – UK will continue, as before, to be referred to, in its abbreviated form, as The College. The new institution will be referred to, in abbreviated form, by the acronym CPA.

The College will continue to maintain its principal function as a learned professional society for practitioners of psychoanalysis in the United Kingdom and will continue to publish its Register of Practitioners.

CPA aims to offer a range of courses of seminars related to psychoanalysis. Some are likely to be academic in nature while others will relate to continuous professional development. These courses will be open to practitioners of psychoanalysis and, in most cases, whether such practitioners are also members of The College or not. It is hoped that other seminars may be open to those who are not psychoanalytic practitioners. Details will be announced in due course.
A further important area of activity of CPA is intended to be the pursuit of research related to psychoanalysis in general, as well as the nature and comparison of different forms of psychoanalytic theory, training and clinical treatment in particular.
Further information about CPA will be published as soon as possible.