Part 5 Disciplinary Action And Appeals Procedures

1. If the Panel shall be satisfied that the complaint has been proved and that a breach of this Code has been committed by the Respondent it may take one or more of the following courses of action in respect of the Respondent:

1.1.1 Issue a written warning as to the possible consequences of future conduct in such form as it shall consider appropriate;

1.1.2 Suspend the member from membership of The College for such period as it shall consider appropriate;

1.1.3 Expel the member from membership of The College.

1.2.1 In addition to any such action the Panel shall have the power in its discretion to require that the Respondent shall pay any costs and expenses incurred by the Panel occasioned by the hearing (but not in respect of any costs arising out of the conciliation procedure set out in provisions 5 6 and 7 above) in the event of the complaint being upheld against the Respondent and to require the Complainant to pay such costs and expenses in the event of the complaint not being upheld.

1.2.2 Any person making a complaint under this Code shall be deemed thereby to have consented to the powers of the Panel to make any order as to costs and expenses under the provisions of 1.2.1 above.

1.2.3 Members shall be bound by the provisions of 1.2.1 above as a condition of their membership.

2. The Panel shall within three working days of the hearing notify the Complainant the Respondent and the BoG of the determination of the Panel and of any disciplinary action taken.

3. The Complainant or the Respondent may within 21 days of the date of such notification give written notice to the BoG of appeal against the decision of the Panel whereupon the BoG shall fix a date for the consideration of the appeal and shall notify the Complainant and the Respondent of such date.