7. In the event of the parties agreeing to participate in any conciliation procedure as herein provided, the Panel shall when the parties again appear before it following such conciliation procedure, enquire whether any agreement has been reached between the Complainant and Respondent and shall then decide whether the complaint should proceed to adjudication. In making such decision the Panel shall whenever possible take into account any agreement that may have been reached between the Complainant and Respondent following conciliation as to whether the complaint should proceed to adjudication provided always that the Panel shall not be bound by any such agreement which it deems not to be in the public interest in which event the Panel may direct that the complaint should proceed to adjudication despite any agreement to the contrary.

8. In the event that both the Complainant and Respondent shall not appear before the Panel as requested or in the event that there is no agreement to participate in the conciliation procedure hereinbefore specified then the Panel shall on the first occasion on which the Complainant and Respondent are requested to appear before it direct that the complaint shall proceed to adjudication.

9. When the Panel decides or directs that any complaint shall proceed to adjudication it shall within three days thereof send written particulars to the Complainant and Respondent of the date time and place proposed for the adjudication such date to be within 42 days of the date on which the said written particulars are sent.

10. The Panel shall hear and determine any complaint which it has decided or directed should proceed to adjudication. Any such determination shall be by a decision of those members of the Panel who are present which is either unanimous or by a majority.

11. The Panel may hear and determine the complaint notwithstanding the failure of the Complainant or the Respondent to attend provided that if the Respondent shall have failed to attend, the Panel shall first be satisfied that they received or should have received the notice referred to in Part 4 paragraph 4 hereof.

12. The proceedings of the Panel shall in all respects accord with the principles of natural justice as recognised by English law.

13. The Panel may at any stage of the hearing appoint any person suitably qualified to advise the Panel on any matter arising and if considered necessary to attend the hearing to give such advice. The costs of such advice shall in all cases be payable by The College and shall be subject to authorisation by the BoG prior to the incurring of such costs.