3. For the purpose of carrying out its duties to determine whether any complaint discloses a prima facie case for the Respondent to answer the Panel shall:

(1) Base its determination solely on the written complaint submitted by the Complainant together with such further and better particulars as may be elicited by the Panel under the provisions of (2) of this paragraph.

(2) Have no power to interrogate or question either the Complainant or the Respondent or to otherwise investigate the nature or merits of such complaint save that where the nature of the complaint is unclear or where it is not specified which provision(s) of the Code is/are alleged to have been breached then the Panel may (in writing) request the Complainant to provide such further and better particulars of the complaint as may be sufficient to establish the nature of the complaint and/or the provision(s) of the Code alleged to have been breached.

4. If the Panel in its discretion is satisfied that the complaint discloses a prima facie case to answer it shall forthwith send written notice of its decision to the Complainant and Respondent together with copies of any documents considered by the Panel but not yet seen by the Complainant or Respondent together also with written particulars of the date time and place at which the Complainant and Respondent shall be requested to attend before the Panel such date to be not less than 21 days from the date of the notice.

5. In the event that both the Complainant and Respondent appear before the Panel in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 4 above the Panel may, in its absolute discretion, invite both parties to meet with such senior member of The College as the Panel may consider suitable, provided that such person may not be a member of the Panel or of the BoG, in order to explore the possibility of conciliation and specify a further date within 42 days when both parties shall be required to attend again before the Panel.

6. In the event that the parties shall agree to meet a person designated by the Panel for the purpose of conciliation, such person shall take no part whatsoever in the proceedings before the Panel nor have any contact whatsoever with any member of the Panel or the BoG at any time in connection with any aspect of the complaint which is before the Panel.